Jadis Winters Design - Original Art


My name is Jadis S. Winters. I am, among other things, a woman, an artist, a jewelry designer, a witch, a tarot card reader, an aunt and a seeker. A seeker of love, truth, beauty, art and divinity.

What I do...

I practice an eclectic form of witchcraft which is entirely mu own.  I do not subscribe to "rules" layed out by others. I use magick in a way that works for me and that falls within the lines of my own ethics and beliefs. I create jewelry that pleases me and hopefully others as well. I also express myself through what I call "canvas art" in that I use canvas but I do not only use paint.  I also put to work various items like charms, seashells, markers, tarot cards and whatever else helps me get my emotion across.

My Inspiration

I try to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere I can.  In the sky, in the sea, in the forest, within my local Pagan community, in other people... essentially, inspiration is everywhere and I strive to keep my eyes and ears open to it all.